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Information for Prospective Students

GC University - An Overview 


After 153 Years of its wonderful history, the Government College, Lahore was raised to the status of a University in 2002. It was renamed as the GC University Lahore. The academic life here has been re-shaped in accordance with its new challenges and we hope to fulfill the expectations that go with a University. The GCU is committed to act as a promoter of quality education for all.


This Institution is one of the oldest seats of learning in the Muslim world. As a seat of higher learning GC University blends grand old traditions and modern educational standards to meet the ideals set by persons like Dr. Leitner, philosopher the poet, Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and the Noble Laureate, Dr. Abdus Salam.


We have redesigned our syllabi and courses to prepare the young minds for productive careers. The University offers B.A/B.Sc. (4-year Hon.), M.A, M.Sc. (in some selected disciplines), M.B.A., M.Phil, and PhD programmes in all major disciplines. We also take steps to sensitize our students about the meaning of the University Motto: "Courage to Know." We try to make the students inquisitive, thoughtful and independent in pursuit of knowledge. Special measures are taken through discussions, co-curricular activities, writing of term papers and dissertations to make the learners confident in their understanding of innovative themes and topics. Every student is thus brought into the mainstream of the grand academic culture of the GC University. During their stay, the students are bound to benefit from the academic, intellectual and cultural environment of this celebrated educational institution.


College to University


College to University


Opening of the College (Affiliation with Calcutta University)


Punjab University was established with the efforts of the Principal of GC. Thereafter, GC was affiliated with Punjab University.


Awarded Autonomy in Financial and Administrative Affairs.


Granted Degree Awarding Status


GC Elevated to a University.



Physical Infrastructure/Sports Facilities Information


Description of Structure


Unit of Area

Total Land Area



Total Covered Area


Square Feet

Total Administrative Area


Square Feet

Total Class Room Area


Square Feet

Total Class Rooms


Square Feet

Land Area New Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area New Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Students of New Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Staff of New Hostel


Square Feet

Land Area Girls Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area Girls Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Students of Girls Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Staff of Girls Hostel


Square Feet

Land Area Iqbal Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area of Iqbal Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Students of Iqbal Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Staff of Iqbal Hostel


Square Feet

Land Area Quaid E Azam Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area Of Quaid E Azam Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Students Of Quaid Hostel


Square Feet

Constructed Area For Staff of Quaid Hostel


Square Feet

Total Land Area of All Hostels


Square Feet

Total Constructed Area of All Hostels


Square Feet

Area Of Usable Play Grounds


Square Feet

Constructed Area of Sports Facilitates (Gymnasium)


Square Feet

(Source: System Analyst Office GCUL 27-10-2011)


Department's Laborator and Area Information


Sr. No Departments Number of Labs Covered Area Unit
1 Center of Advanced Studies in Physics 10 19600 Sq. Feet
2 Chemistry 36 34555 Sq. Feet
3 Economics 11 35800 Sq. Feet
4 Fine Arts 4 12000 Sq. Feet
5 Geography 1 400 Sq. Feet
6 History 1 7000 Sq. Feet
7 Management Studies Department 1 10800 Sq. Feet
8 Persian 13 35816 Sq. Feet
9 Physics 2 10360 Sq. Feet
10 Psychology 1 10800 Sq. Feet
11 SDSC 9 20778 Sq. Feet
12 Zoology 9 18600 Sq. Feet
  Total 98 216509  


Positions of GCU in the Intermediate Examination Results of BISE Lahore



Overall Pass % in the GCU

Overall Pass % of the Board

Top Positions

1999 91.00 41.50 11
2000 90.12 50.87 08
2001 88.77 53.19 11
2002 81.23 49.42 10
2003 92.00 53.42 16
2004 92.31 52.18 08
2005 93.79 62.56 08
2006 96.82 67.26 07
2007 97.07 72.67 08
2008 95.19 51.54 09
2009 95.10 53.95 07
2010 95.73 51.96 12
2011 94.49 46.66 10
2012 96.69 56.85 09
2013 94.54 49.29 10
2014 93.07 70.01 11
2015 93.34 60.61 06
2016 94.71 60.85 07



Programmes Offered


Sr. No.

Programmes Offered








M. Phil




Certificates/Postgraduate Diploma




Students are admitted in Intermediate and B.A./B.Sc. on the basis of academic record and on the basis of the extra-curricular merit.

Foreign students are admitted on the basis of the recommendation of the Federal Government of Pakistan.


Admission to M.A./M.Sc and M.Phil/PhD depends on academic record as well as test & interview scores. F.A. /F.Sc admissions are normally held in July/August while B.A./B.Sc admissions take place in August/September and M.A./M.Sc. during September/October. The admissions in PhD programmes are advertised separately.


GCU Student's Strength


Sr. No.










































7254 3408 10662


Departments/Schools/Centres/Institutes/Study Programmes


To view Departments/Schools/Centres/Institutes/Study Programmes; Please Click Here.



Higher Degree Research PROGRAMMES / SUBJECTS


MS / M. Phil


Applied Physics, Banking & Financial Economics, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, English Literature, Entrepreneurship & SME Management, Environmental Science, Forensic Chemistry, Geography, History, Industrial / Organizational Psychology, Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Microbiology, One Year Top Up (Clinical Psychology), Persian, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics, Urdu, Zoology




1.Applied Physics, 2.Botany, 3. Biotechnology, 4.Chemistry, 5.Clinical Psychology, 6.Economics, 7.English,  8.Environmental Science, 9.History, 10.Mathematics (ASSMS), 11.Persian, 12.Physics, 13.Political Science, 14.Psychology, 15.Urdu, 16.Zoology

Quality Teaching & Research

Dr. Har Gobind Khorana 

GC University, Lahore has played a truly pioneering role in promoting research and inquiry in the country, particularly in the disciplines of physical and biological sciences. The university has a reputation of academic excellence based on an impressive record of achievement in teaching and research. The research carried out by GCU scholars in various departments has been acknowledged internationally. The University has produced two Nobel Laureates: Dr. Hargobind Dr. Abdus SalamKhorana (in the field of Chemistry) and Dr. Abdul Salam (in the field of Physics). We also have a number of foreign visiting professors in different disciplines and their presence on our campus has reinvigorated academic programmes and strengthened research activities.



Research Facilities



Chemistry Department Research LabsAll departments are well equipped with the necessary equipments/instruments required for research work. For example Centre for advanced Studies in Physics (CASP) has the latest labs, including Laser lab, Material lab, Accelerator lab, Nano Technology lab, Plasma Focus lab, and Computer labs. Internet facility, multimedia, overhead projectors, a vast collection of books, journals, professional periodicals and digital library, research labs and seminar rooms are available in various departments to enhance the productivity of our young scholars by providing them an academically rich environment.




Career Guidance and Placement Centre



Career Guidance & Placement CenterThe Career Guidance and Placement Centre (CG&PC) office is led by a trained and full time Clinical Psychologist and aims at providing assistance and guidance to the students for helping them in making their career choices, academic planning and to explore future professions and placement opportunities based on their personal needs and current opportunities. The Centre is committed to offer complete individualized assistance and support to students and to ensure that each student possesses the necessary skills needed for career decision making and employment success. CG&PC is readily available to all the bonafide students of GC University, Lahore within office hours (09:00 am to 02:00 pm) 6 days a week. All services provided to individuals are confidential.


Viceroy and Governor General of India Mr. Linlithgow laid the foundation stone of Fazl-e-Hussain Memorial Library (now central Library) 20 October 1937Libraries


GC University Lahore Library came into existence in 1872. Mr. Sardari Lal was deputed to hold its charge. Muhammad Asadullah Khan joined in 1916 as the first qualified librarian. The British Government honored him with the title of Khan Bahadur in 1935.


A proper library with an office and a reading room was established in 1937 in memory of Mian Fazl-i-Hussain, a Opening ceremony of GCU Main Library on 23rd October, 1939renowned educationist. Mrs. Farkhanda Lodhi, recipient of the Pride of Performance from the Government of Pakistan was associated with the library during 1993-1998. The library building was once again expanded in 1964.


In 1999, the Postgraduate Library was established to enhance library activities. Recently another library namely Life Sciences Library was established by merging Botany, Zoology and Institute of Biotechnology departmental libraries. All the libraries fulfill the information needs of the University students, teachers and researchers through out the year. The total area of the all the GCU Libraries is more than 35000 sq. feet which is capable of accommodating 700 students at a time.


GCU Main Library English Hall

The Library has continuously been improved not only in the collection of books, but also as an instrument for the assistance of study and research. At present, it has a total numbers of 335732 (till June 2016) books including precious personal collections. The detail is as under:-


The convergence of data processing techniques and telecommunications has provided enormous opportunities for processing, storing and disseminating information. IT has changed the way we have been communicating, interacting, and has enabled us to access the required pieces of information globally.


GCU Library Web Site Home PageThe University Library is striving to respond to technological challenges. We have developed two websites i.e. GC UNIVERSITY LAHORE'S WEB SITE and GC University Library's website. These library pages introduce online recourses web pages to complement rapidly growing variety of online collections. GCU Library covers all disciplines taught in the GC University, Lahore. It is also worth mentioning that it is the first ever Virtual Library at any University in Pakistan launched in 2001. The GCU Lahore contributed the first ever digital book from Pakistan to the World Digital Library in 2010, a cooperative project of the Library of Congress and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Library maintains automated English catalogue containing bibliographic information of the books and journals etc in the library. Database that is under LMS software is searchable on internal OPACs and Internet also. The Library has developed online resources section on Library web site to facilitate the users to access the different electronic resources.


The Library's website is a one-stop information solution. It is managed, maintained and organized by the University Librarians and IT experts. It provides links to almost all academic Disciplines. The library is now accessible on the GC University network, free of cost. It is providing access to more than 20,000 full text scholarly journals available though HEC digital library. Some important databases are JSTOR, Project MUSE, Science Online, Science Direct, Springer Link, Edinburgh University Press, ESDU, EMERALD, IEEEXPLORE, Taylor & Francis, Wiley Inter Science, CUP etc.


Multimedia section provides access to CD-ROMs, microfilms, audio and video cassettes etc. The CD-ROMs terminals are often busy due to heavy use and it is necessary to book a time. Not all terminals are connected to the printer and it is advisable to bring /CD-ROM so that information may be downloaded. It is located near the circulation counter of the Postgraduate Library.


Hanif Ramay Collection 2006The library takes pride in the personal collection of Prof. Sufi Tabassum, Prof. Qayyum Nazar, Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Mirza Maqbool Baig Badakshani, Dr. Ibadat Barailvi, Dr. Waheed Qureshi, Dr, Razi Wasti, Syed Waqar Azeem, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, Iftikhar Jalib, Dr. Sohail Ahmad Khan, Prof. Zaheer Ahmad Siddiqui, Dr. Khalid Aftab and others. The use of these collections is restricted only in the library premises.


Besides above personal collections, a special collection has been developed in 1998. This includes very old and rare books on various subjects in English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu. These publications have been arranged and placed in a separate room in the Central Library.


These publications have been arranged and placed in a separate room in the Central Library. The readers are allowed to utilize collections within the library premises. However these books are not issued. An index with library reference pages of valuable collection of former Indian Govt. documents, reports, gazettes, gazetteers and university calendars is arranged subject wise. These documents can only be consulted within the library. The complete and latest information of theses/ dissertations of M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Phil./ Ph.D. is available by department wise in the circulation section of the Central library.


The professional staff of the library includes Chief Librarian, Senior Librarians and Librarians. Presently the library has seven library professionals besides IT professionals and non-professional staff.


Postgraduate LibraryGCU Libraries provide its members with an environment that is conducive not only to academic but also climatic change. We manage cleanliness, prompt accessibility as well as healthy air-conditioning. The key objective of these continuous library efforts is to enhance its hard and e-resources and also to improve its services by capitalizing the options extended by the traditional, professional and recent IT applications in the libraries. This will enhance our archive and current collection potential and will certainly help faculty boost research activities. It provides one window instant access to huge amounts of data and information remotely. It will save a lot of time and energy of information seekers. This is purely GC University Library product focused to serve the Ravians, people of Pakistan, and International researchers.


Computerization and Networking Facilities


  1. PERN-Pakistan Educational Research Network, a high speed Internet bandwidth of 2 Mbp has been provided to the GCU.

  2. This high speed Internet is being distributed among 400 users in the university including teachers, administrators and the students. This facility will be extended to 600 users very soon.

  3. Around 4 KM fiber optic cable has been laid down to link all the departments of GCU with each other. Through this project our different campuses i.e. CASP, SMS, Hostels and all Academic Administrative departments are connected to each other through wireless network.

Science Facilities


Computer Center, Statistics, Physics, Psychology Laboratories, Lecture Theatres, Multi-purpose Auditoriums, Zoological & Botanical Museums, Botanical Garden, Departmental Libraries, Research Journals.


Theatre & Arts Facilities



A full time program officer. Regular weekly musical concerts, Dramatic Society, Debating, Literary, Scientific & Photographic Societies.


Academic and Research Links with Other Universities/Institutions


Academic LinksGCU has expanded the horizon of its educational system. GCU's spirit of co-operative development allows affiliations and collaborations with the internationally well-reputed Universities. GC University, Lahore has developed academic links with foreign and Pakistani Universities, research and strategic organizations, industries, and multinational organizations. This has provided access to valuable financial, technical, and managerial resources besides strengthening the University research programmes. GC University, Lahore plans to further widen the links with universities and research organizations across countries in true spirit and demand of the 21st Century. Recently GCU has established departmental links to sign historic memorandums of understanding (MoU) with local and international Universities.


Students' Centers

Student Service Centre, Health care, Cafeterias, Societies




Gymnasium/Sports Hall, Inter-College sports for men, Tennis, Cricket, Hockey, Table Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field events.


Hostel Facilities


The University has four hostels for the accommodation of the University students, three for boys and one for girls.


Financial Aid to Foreign Students



The Government of Pakistan provides financial assistance to such foreign students who wish to study in the country are require financial assistance, under a regular program.



O' Level / A' Level students and foreign students are required to furnish a certificate of equivalence (from the University Grants Commission, or the Punjab University as the case may be.)


Requests for further information should be addressed to.


University Contact


The Registrar,

GC University, Lahore,


Post Code: 54000

UAN GCU: 92-42-111 000 010 Ext. 206, 207

Registrar . 92-42-99213340

Fax No. 92-42-99213341



Historical Time Line

GC to GCU Lahore

The Government College Lahore in  1864, in a portion Dhyan Singh's Haveli
Government College Lahore 1880

Lt. Gen. (R) Khalid Maqbool the Chancellor and Prof. Dr. Khalid Aftab The Vice Chancellor of GC University  Lahore on the foundation stone laying ceremony September 2002

GCU's Postgraduate Block, Main Building & New Chemistry Block


About GCU


Vice Chancellor's Welcome note
Vision of GC University
Mission Statement of the University
GCU - Organizational Chart
GCU - An Overview
Govt. College History 1864-
History of the GCU Building
GCU Logo/Emblem
Introduction of Lahore City
Pakistan/Lahore Map
Where to find GCU

Information About GC University under "The Right to Information ACT 2010"


Prospective Students


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GCU Student's Strength

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