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GCU, PSQCA sign MoU promote research and awareness about quality control


The Government College University (GCU) Lahore and Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority, Karachi (PSQCA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote research and awareness about quality control in the country. Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and PSQCA Director General Muhammad Khalid Siddiq signed the 13-point accord at a graceful ceremony organized by the University’s Academic Planning and External Links at GCU Lahore.


According to the agreement, the PSQCA would provide all technical assistance to GCU Lahore in establishing the Standardization, Quality and Technology Management Wing, and developing quality control education programs.  The PSQCA would also include the senior faculty members and scientists of GCU in its technical committees for different products evaluation.


PSQCA Director General and GCU Vice Chancellor pose for a photo after signing

a Memorandum of Understanding at the GC University Lahore.

Speaking on the occasion, the PSQCA Director General highlighted the need to include subjects related to quality control / assurance in the University’s curriculum, saying they were going to sign an agreement with the Pakistan Engineering Council in this regard. Muhammad Khalid Siddiq said that PSQCA to-date had developed or adopted 22,368 standards for different products, adding that they were looking forward to universities for research development and inclusion of universities’ senior faculty in technical committees for evaluation and regulation of these standards for different products.

The PSQCA and GCU officials also agreed to undertake joint research projects in the areas of common interests and sharing their human and material resources including instruments, services and facilities. Both organizations would also hold joint seminars to promote awareness among youth about the quality control.

GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah laid a stress on PSQCA to especially focus on food products. He briefed the visiting delegates about the history, traditions and achievements of GCU, besides the research work being carried out by the faculty members. Director Academic Planning and External Links Ms. Fouzia Shahin said that a joint working group would be formed to regularly review the implementation of agreement and collaborative activities.

GCU Dean Prof Dr Riaz Ahmad, Director  Research Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq, Salam Chair in Physics Dr. G. Murtaza, Registrar Saboor Ahmad Khan and Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms. Iram Sohail also attended the MoU signing ceremony.







PHEC, GCU launch Int'l Split PhD Scholarship Program


The Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) and Government College University (GCU) Lahore have launched the International Split PhD Scholarship Program for the faculty of public sector colleges and universities of Punjab.


PHEC Chairman Prof Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin and GCU Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah signed the 33-point Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the Arfa Software Technology Park regarding the funding, eligibility criteria and other initial standard operating procedures for the International Program. 


According to the Split PhD program, the selected teachers would spend a year at the leading foreign universities for their research work at the funding of the government, which includes all their expenses including admissions fee, stipend, book allowance, medical, travelling cost and settlement allowances etc. However, the PhD scholars would complete their two year course work at GCU Lahore, where foreign faculty would be also be invited for conducting workshops under the said program.


According to the accord, the PHEC would initially provide six scholarships worth Rs 28.92 million for the year 2017-18 for the launching of a pilot Split PhD Scholarship Program in the fields Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. The GCU Lahore would advertise the Spilt PhD Program, and would process all the admissions. However, a Joint Selection Committee comprising representatives of GCU Lahore and PHEC will shortlist the candidates based on the approved criteria


Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Nizamuddin said that the Spilt PhD program aimed to maximize opportunities for higher learning and research for the teachers of public sector higher education institutions. “We are determined to enhance the capacity of the faculty of Higher Education Institutions by offering them an international exposure and funding their studies at top-ranked international partner universities” said the Chairperson. Prof Nizam said PHEC intended to scale up the program with GCU next year and was also planning extending it to other universities of Punjab in next phase to meet the shortage of qualified PhD faculty especially in the fields of social sciences and arts in the colleges and universities of Punjab.


Vice Chancellor Prof. Hassan Amir Shah said that the International Split PhD Scholarship Program would help refine the research culture at local universities. “The faculty members would get an opportunity to study at top-ranked universities and would be engaged in research activities with foreign and local experts” said the Vice Chancellor. He said that GCU Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Tahir Kamran and PHEC DG (Quality Assurance) Muhammad Anees Sadozia are appointed as the focal persons to ensure the smooth and timely implementation of the program.  


GCU Academic Planning and External Links Director Ms Fouzia Shahin said that the eligibility criteria for scholarship had been defined in the MoU, according to which applicant must be less than 45 years of age and regular faculty member of any higher education institution in Punjab having minimum 3.0 CGPA in MS/MPhil Degree Program. Syed Musa Hassan, Director, PHEC was also present on the occasion.





Prospective Partnership with North China Electric Power University                           


A three-membered delegation from North China Electric Power University visited GCU on May 15, 2017.The Chinese university expressed its interest in mutual academic and research cooperation on undergraduate and postgraduate levels particularly in the field of electrical engineering and sciences. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Hassan Shah remarked that the current strategic move by China underscores that ‘everybody is for everybody’. The two universities have signaled agreement on semester and research exchanges at all levels. North China Electric Power University has hoped to provide scholarships to GCU students. In addition, it has also shown interest in intermediate students at GCU and has consented to arrange a visit for the students to NCEPU, China. Director APEL, Fouzia  Shahin offered that GCU could help establishing Urdu language department at NCEPU   Prof. Qi Zhang extended best wishes to GCU on behalf of President of NCEPU and wished to formalize the collaboration soon. Dean of Engineering and Technology, Professors from GCU Electrical Engineering Department and the Registrar also attended the meeting. Later the delegation also visited the campus.


Members of the delegations receiving souvenir from the Vice Chancellor

The delegation poses for a photo while visiting the campus





A step towards environment protection: GCU signs agreement with NCPC


GCU signs accord with National Cleaner Production Center Foundation, Pakistan. This agreement aims to form cooperation between GCU Lahore and NCPC under University –Industry Linkage Program of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and to build capacity of GCU in promoting cleaner production and environment. The two organizations shall work in the fields of environmental and energy services to the industry and community, safe disposal of hazardous waste, biodiversity etc. NCPC would also provide technical support for establishing “GCU Cleaner Production Center”. The MoU was signed in Rawalpindi on March 15, 2017. Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, Vice Chancellor GCU, and Mr. Ejaz H. Randhawa, Director NCPC, signed the agreement. Ms. Fouzia Shaheen, Director GCU Academic Planning and External Links, Prof. Islam Ullah Khan, Dean of Sciences , Dr. Abdullah Yasar, Director SDCS, Prof Dr. Amin Ullah Khan (SDSC), Dr. Tabinda  (SDCS), Dr. Faiza  Sharif (SDSC) along with others accompanied the Vice Chancellor on this occasion.


GCU administrative and faculty members led by the Vice Chancellor

pose for a photo along with NCPC officials






Delegation from French universities visit GCU


A delegation of senior professors from French universities visited the Government College University Lahore (GCU) to explore opportunities for the joint degree programs, research collaborations and students’ cultural exchange. The visit was organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan, to strengthen the academic and research collaboration of GCU with the French universities.


The delegation, led by Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France Director of International Development Prof Dr Sabine Vermillard, met with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and senior faculty members, and visited the research facilities at the university’s Center for Advanced Studies in Physics, Natural History Museum and Biotechnology Department.


The delegation of senior professors from French universities  pose for

a group photo with the Vice Chancellor GCU


Speaking on the occasion, the French academicians showed keen interest in providing doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships to the GCU faculty members, and initiating joint research projects through the PERIDOT program which is fully funded by HEC and French government. Sabine Vermillard said that the student and teachers cultural exchange programs could play a key role in connecting the universities and people of both the countries. Prof Ivan Rakocevic, the Deputy Head of Asian Unit Campus France, said briefed the meeting about the role of Campus France in Pakistan. He said Campus France was the French national agency for the promotion of higher education, international student services, and international mobility, and it was providing full assistance to Pakistani students through local offices and web portal.


GCU Director Academic Planning and External Links Ms Fauzia Shaheen briefed the delegation about the history, traditions, infrastructure, research output and international linkages of the University. She said that GCU had 109 active linkages with national and international universities and research institutes. GCU Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan, Dean Faculty of Electrical Engineering Prof Dr Raiz Ahmad, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Kamran Tahir and HEC Program Coordinator Ms Farhat Abbas also attended the meeting with French academicians





GCU, CSJ sign MoU for research collaboration


The Government College University (GCU) and Center for Social Justice (CSJ) Lahore signed an accord for indigenous research on issues of human rights, gender equality, minorities’ protection, civil liberties and democracy.


“We need to stop following Western parameters and paradigms in almost all disciplines including philosophy. The idea of universality of philosophy is no more in vogue,” said eminent philosopher and writer Prof Dr Mirza Athar Baig while laying a stress on indigenous research on social issues at the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony, organized by the GCU Directorate of Academic Planning and External Links, at the university’s Syndicate Committee Room.


GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and CSJ Lahore Executive Director Peter Jacob signed the agreement, and also agreed upon organizing invited lectures, seminars and conferences for raising awareness in the society about issues related to social justice. As per MoU, GCU would also introduce a course titled “foundation on human rights” for its graduation students.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof Baig said that philosophy must be done in its local and socio-cultural context; without which entire exercise would ultimately remain non-productive. “The concepts of rights, human dignity, freedom, equality etc must be done in indigenous background,” he said.


Peter Jacob said that tolerance was the need of hour. However, he said, it was virtually impossible without justice and strong democratic institutions. Vice Chancellor Prof Hassan Amir Shah said that GCU had always upheld the human and tolerant values in South Asia, and had never been hijacked by the extremism of any sort.


GCU Philosophy Department Chairperson Dr Sobia Tahir said the subject of philosophy is needed to be promoted among the youth, as the very ideas of rights, justice, representative government and human freedom have emerged from it, and it’s the only discipline which produces visible and pronounced difference in the mindset of students regarding the alternative point of view.


GCU Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof Dr Tahir Kamran highlighted the increasing religious and sectarian influence in Pakistani society. GCU Director Academic Planning and External Links Ms Fouzia Shaheen, Registrar Saboor Ahmed Khan and Dr Alwin Murad also spoke.





GCU, BFSU China sign accord on faculty, student exchange


The Government College University (GCU) Lahore has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), the most pre-eminent and oldest language teaching university of China, primarily for the faculty and student exchange. The GCU would also extend cooperation to BFSU China for establishment of a postgraduate Urdu Department and setting up the Quality Enhancement Cell for teachers’ evaluation and quality assurance of academic programs.     


BFSU China University Council Chairman Prof Dr Han Zhen and GCU Lahore Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah signed the accord at a prestigious ceremony held at later university’s New Meeting Rooms. BFSU China International Exchange and Cooperation Office Director Ke Jing and GCU Director Academic Planning and External Links Ms Fouzia Shaheen were also present.


The highlight of the MoU includes establishment of joint research programs, exchange of academic staff for the purpose of research, teaching and presentation of special courses, initiating student exchange and study aboard programs and exchange of scientific and educational literature produced by the both universities. The two organizations also agreed to undertake joint seminars, conferences and research projects.


Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Han Zhen said that BFSU was founded in 1941, and was the first institution in the country to specialize in foreign language studies. He said that they had been teaching almost all major foreign languages including Spanish, Japanese, Germen, French and Arabic. However, he requested a special cooperation from GCU Urdu Department for providing expertise and faculty to initiate advance courses in Urdu language at BFSU.    


On the request of the visiting delegation, GCU Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms Irum Sohail also briefed the BFSU delegation about the teachers’ evaluation procedures adopted by GCU.   


Vice Chancellor Prof Hassan Shah said that the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would have a significant impact on the society and culture of both countries; so the academia should play a role in preparing the people of both regions for these changes. He said GCU was establishing very strong linkages with Chinese universities, and had five active academic and research accords with Chinese universities and industries including University of Geoscience (Wuhan).   


Addressing the ceremony, Ms Fouzia Shahin said that a delegation of Chinese students had recently attended a short course on Pakistan Affairs at GCU. She said that a group of GCU postgraduate students had been sent to China for various research projects by GCU Center of Excellence, China Studies. GCU deans Prof Dr Islam Ullah, Prof Dr Raiz Ahmad, Prof Dr Iqbal Shahid and Prof Dr Tahir Kamran also attended the ceremony.





GCU organizes a seminar on ‘Hungary-Pakistan-European Union Relations’


Embassy of Hungary, Islamabad Counsellor Mr. Sandor Mihalko has laid a stress on enhancing mutual trade and strengthening academic and cultural relationships between Hungary and Pakistan.


“Both the countries have non-problematic diplomatic relations for the last 50 years, and Hungry is supporting Pakistan fight terrorism and meet energy crisis,” Mr Mihalko said while addressing a seminar on ‘Hungary-Pakistan-European Union Relations’ at the Government College University Lahore (GCU). The seminar was organised by the GCU Directorate of Academic Planning and External Links (AP&EL).   


The Counsellor said a Hungarian energy company had invested two million USD in Pakistan in recent years and was providing 14 percent of all energy need of the country. However, he said, that there were no significant Pakistani companies or investment in Hungry. He also revealed that mutual trade between Hungary and Pakistan had also dropped by five percent in the last one year. Mr Mihalko said that Hungry was really looking for more investment in Pakistan and special trade representative was being developed in Karachi.


The Counsellor pledged that Embassy of Hungary would facilitate GCU and other Pakistani universities in establishing academic and research linkages with the top Hungarian universities. He revealed that Hungry offered 240 scholarships to Pakistani students. He also briefed the students about structure and formation of European Union and its relationships with Pakistan.   


Earlier, the counsellor held a detailed meeting with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and discussed matters of mutual interests. He proudly told the VC that it was a matter of great pride for them that Hungarian national Dr Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner had laid the foundation of Government College Lahore.  GCU Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Prof Dr Tahir Kamran, AP&EL Director Ms Fouzia Shahin and Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms Iram Sohail also attended the meeting.





the President of International Islamic University (IIU) visits GCU 


Prof. Dr. Ahmed Yousif Ahmed Al Draiweesh, the President of International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad visited the Government College University (GCU) Lahore to explore the areas of collaboration in different disciplines. The delegates of both universities agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding to commence formal collaborations among the universities’ departments especially in the areas research and quality enhancement.


Prof. Ahmed Yousif held a detailed meeting with Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah, which was also attended by GCU deans Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan and Prof Dr Iqbal Shahid, Academic Planning and External Links Director Ms Fouzia Shaheen, Additional Registrar Saboor Khan and Chief Librarian Abdul Waheed.


Prof. Ahmed Yousif appreciated the role of GCU Quality Enhancement Cell Director Irum Sohail who has recently reviewed the academic and research standards of IUU for the Higher Education Commission, saying that “her valuable suggestions helped them improve their quality.” Later, the IIU President visited the Iqbal Hostel, Library and different other departments.  





GCU graduates to get exemptions from ACCA papers


The graduates of Government College University Lahore (GCU) are likely to get exemptions from some ACCA papers, besides getting opportunities for financial incentives for the ACCA qualification.  The University and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Pakistan signed MoU (memorandum of understanding) whose main features include providing a route for GCU graduates of B.COM (Honors) and B.Sc (Honors) in Business, Accounting and Finance programmes to study the ACCA qualification, including exemptions from ACCA papers F1 to F9 in line with ACCA’s global accreditation policy.


The accord was signed by GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah and ACCA Pakistan Head Sajjeed at a ceremony at the University’s Syndicate Committee Room. GCU Director Research Prof Dr Ikram-ul-Haq, Director Academic Planning and External Links Fauzia Shaheen, Economics Department Chairperson Uzair Ahson and Deans Prof Dr Raiz Ahmed, Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan and Prof Dr Shahid Iqbal were also present


Speaking on the occasion, Sajjeed Aslam, who is also Old Ravian, said that they would review the courses being taught at GCU, adding that in an ideal case, maximum exemption from nine ACCA papers could be granted in line with ACCA’s global accreditation policy. He said, “ACCA is very pleased to partner with an esteemed higher education institution. ACCA Pakistan produces more than 120 research papers every year, I hoped the partnership with GCU would hone the research potential of both institutions, he said.


Vice Chancellor Prof Shah said that the ACCA and GCU share common and strong interests in advancement of the finance profession in Pakistan and affording the opportunity for individuals of ability to pursue globally relevant qualifications to enhance their future career prospects and ultimately to maintain and develop the profession and the wider economy.


The highlight of the MoU includes conducting joint research with GCU students and faculty members, and inviting GCU to contribute articles or case studies which can be published in ACCA magazines and international journals. The two organizations will also undertake joint seminars, conferences and research projects.




GCU sign mou with cug wuhan


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will have a significant impact on the society and culture of both countries. The academia should play a role in preparing the people of both regions for these changes, Government College University Vice Chancellor Hassan Amir Shah said. He was speaking at a ceremony to sign a memorandum of understanding on student exchange between the GCU and the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan (CUG). The VC urged the GCU students to benefit from the presence of Chinese students on campus. He said engagement with Chinese students could help GCU students learn about Chinese culture and language. He said the university would provide all possible facilities to its Chinese guests.


Under the MoU, 20 CUG students will participate in the annual summer school at the GCU’s Centre for Excellence in Chinese Studies (CECS). The visiting students will study courses on Pakistan Studies, English Language, Pakistan-China Relations among other subjects. Six GCU students will visit the CUG where they will remain in residence for a month and study courses on Chinese language, culture and economic system. The MoU states that the CUG would assist two GCU students in getting admitted to its masters of sciences (MS) or masters of philosophy (MPhil) degree programmes every year under the China Scholarship Council.


The MoU was signed by the Vice Chancellor GCU and CUG Institute of Environment and Conservation Law (IECL) Director Huang Delin. CECS Director Khalid Maznoor Butt said that the geosciences department at the CUG was among the best in China. He said GCU students should benefit from the opportunity to visit the university and study at the department. He said the CECS was supporting research of several students on Chinese culture, history, political and economic system. Butt said the MoU featured cultural and sports exchange programmes. He said students affiliated with the GCU’s Dramatics Club and Music Society would visit China to perform at cultural events.


GCU Academic Planning and External Links Director Fauzia Shaheen said the accord included faculty and staff exchange programmes. CUG IECL Director Huang Delin said that the CUG would also look forward to collaboration on holding academic conferences and seminars. CUG School of Public Administration’s Associate Professor Xiaqqing Xie and CUG Alumni Association Vice Chairman Lawrence Lu were also present at the ceremony. 




Faculty development is top priority: Vice Chancellor GCU

Faculty development is our top priority, said Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah while talking to a delegation of National School of Public Policy during their visit to the Government College University, Lahore. The delegation which comprised of the participants of 103rd National Management Course discussed with the Vice Chancellor in detail policy formation, financial resources and future plans of the 151 years old educational institution that was raised to a level of university in 2002. Talking to the delegation, the Vice Chancellor said that the most important aspect of GCU was character-building and personality development of its students through their extensive participation in literary and co-curricular activities.  He said GCU teachers encouraged questioning, difference of opinion and argument, besides teaching tolerance to students. Prof Shah said GCU had more than half of a dozen research chairs and they would soon launch a lawful process to discover the best intellects for their appointment against these chairs which would certainly boost the research output of the university.

Earlier, Academic Planning and External Links Director Ms Fauzia Shaheen gave a detailed briefing to the visiting delegation about the faculty strength, research output, academic programs, available infrastructure and financial resources of the university, while Planning and Development Director Col(r) Akmal Yousaf briefed them about the funding and development plan of GCU Kala Shah Kaku Campus. GCU Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Prof Dr Islam Ullah Khan, Registrar Dr Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh and Quality Enhancement Cell Director Ms Irum Sohail also attended the meeting.

NSPP Member Faculty Brig (r) Anwar ul Haq said that GCU was the one of the most reputed institutions of the country and the participants of Management Course were brought here to learn about the development projects and future plans for academic development of the university, and also the problems which the public sector universities were facing. The participants made highly valuable suggestions for the improvement in the university’s procedures and systems and assured the Vice Chancellor of their all-out support in the future.  

The NSPP delegation comprised of BS-20 officials included Ms Attiya Naheed, Mr Abdul Razzaque Cheema, Lt(r) Ejaz Ahmad Khan, Dr Faiz Illahi Memon, Mr Shiekh Abdul Hafeez, Mr Niaz Muhammad Khan, Dr Raiz Ahmed Memon, Dr Sohail Shahzad and Mr Zafar Iqbal Hussain.





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