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Accommodation has always been an acute problem for the students who come from outside Lahore. Government College University has the distinction of housing maximum number of such students. It has four hostels - three for boys and one for girls. lqbal Hostel (built in 1891) and Quaid-e-Azam Hostel (built in 1993) accommodate about 150 and 200 Intermediate students respectively. New Hostel (built in 1937) houses about 400 Degree students. Girls Hostel (built in 1975) accommodates about 50 girl students.


GC University Lahore has taken the initiative to establish GCU Faculty Mess for visiting faculty and officers of the other universities and institutions. Lodging and messing facilities are available in the newly established GCU Faculty Mess.

Accommodation (for Intermediate students)


Every student is expected to live in harmony with his parents. The student who is desirous of living with some close relative, other than the parents, should produce a written permission letter signed duly to this effect by his father or guardian. The name of the relative, his occupation, designation, address and precise relationship must be specified. It will not be enough to write that the student is going to reside with his cousin, etc.



Hostel Alerts 2015


Admission to Hostels


  1. There are two hostels for Intermediate students hailing from areas other than Lahore.

  2. Due to limited accommodation facilities, the students are admitted only on merit.

  3. The student of Intermediate classes, wishing to reside in these hostels, should obtain the Application Form from the office of the Quaid-i-Azam Hostel and submit it to the same office for the admission year 2014. The schedule of admission to the hostels will be notified on the Notice Board of Iqbal Hostel and Quaid-i-Azam Hostel.

  4. Allocation of seats on open merit and reserved quota in the lqbal Hostel and Quaid-i-Azam Hostel will be made according to the policy. Admission to the hostel is given on merit for ONE Academic Year only. The hostels’ authorities have the right to refuse admission to a class Xl resident in class XII, if his conduct or behaviour during the previous year has been unbecoming, or he has been found guilty of infringement of hostel rules.

  5. The Iqbal Hostel built in 1891, originally known as 'The Quadrangle' and the Quaid-i-Azam Hostel built in 1993, are situated on Main Campus of the University and are reserved for Intermediate students.


Hostel Charges


a) Iqbal Hostel and Quaid-i-Azam Hostel


  Head of Account

Amount (Rs)

Mess Security (Refundable)


Service Charges                                            


Common Room


Library/Reading Room


Magazine Fund


Maintenance Fund


Welfare Fund


Payable to Hostel


Electricity Charges = Rs. 800/- per month


Rom Rent (Payable to GCU Account)



Bi-Seater 4800/-
Dormitory 3600/-

Caution Money (Refundable)




       Hostel charges can be changed/amended due to cost of living/revision of pay scales or other administrative compulsions.


Hostel Rules & Regulations


  1. Residence is at all times subject to good behavior and can be withdrawn at any time in the interest of hostel discipline.

  2. Every resident is expected to maintain discipline and good order in the hostel, and should respect the rights of other residents.

  3. Drinking, keeping liquor, drugs or weapons (licensed or unlicensed) and smoking in the hostel is strictly prohibited and entails expulsion from hostel.

  4. Students suffering from severe psychiatric or physical diseases such as schizophrenia, paranoid disorders and blood disorders like hemophilia or any other chronic ailments requiring continuous supervision will not be given admission to the GCU hostels.

  5. No religious, social ceremony or political activity, injurious to the feelings of any resident, is permitted.

  6. Every part of the hostel premises shall remain open for inspection to the authorities at all hours.

  7. Membership of the hostel mess is compulsory for every resident.

  8. The resident has to pay his monthly dues by the 10th of each month. The defaulter will pay a fine of Rs.50/- per day for late payment.

  9. No guest/outsider is allowed to enter into the hostel premises except parents/guardians. In any case, no guest/outsider is permitted to stay in the hostel.

  10. The hostels will remain closed during vacation/holidays or when University is closed for more than three days.

  11. In case of withdrawal/expulsion due to indiscipline or misbehavior, all deposits will be forfeited.

  12. Other details given in the hostel “Rules of Residence” Hand Book, issued from time to time, have to be observed strictly.


Guidelines for Compliance


These guidelines are based on the directive from the Chief Minster Punjab [No. So(A)/CMS/II-77/2011, Dated: 31st December 2011] in the light of orders passed by the Honourable Lahore High Court (Dated: 01-11-2011).

  1. No outsider be allowed to enter the hostel premises.

  2. Strict surveillance and security system be established on all the entry gates to restrict the entry of non-residents.

  3. Strict discipline be maintained amongst the inmates of the hostels and nobody be allowed to destroy precious time of his fellow students on account of political backup or financial or social status.

  4. In case of violation of discipline of the hostel by any student, no hesitation should be felt to strike him off till the time he mends his ways.

  5. Students should not be allowed to take ammunition of any kind in the hostels and in case of involvement of anybody in such act; he may be banned for all the time to come.

  6. Parents of the students be also apprised about the conduct of their children. Further, parents be also bound down to visit the hostel/institution of their children off and on to know about the activities of their children and in case of any deficiency they should take due care and caution.

ACCOMMODATION (for Postgraduate Students)



Every student is expected to live with his/her parents. A student who wishes to live with some close relative other than his/her parents should produce a written permission letter signed by his/her father or guardian that s/he can do so. The name of the relative, his occupation, designation, address and precise relation must be specified. It will not be enough to write that "the student is going to reside with his/her cousin", etc.





New Hostel


The boys Hostel for Undergraduate/Postgraduate students is called New Hostel. This year accommodation facility is open for all BA/BSc (Hons.), MPhil and PhD students.


Girls Hostel


The hostel accommodation facility is available for the BA/BSc academic year 2014-2015. For MS/MPhil students accommodation is subject to the availability of rooms/seats. The criteria for admission in the hostel will be based on the academic merit.

Annual Charges For New Hostel & Girls Hostel  


Admission Fee Nil
Mess Security (Refundable) Rs. 8,000
Service Charges Rs. 23,000
Reading Room Charges Rs. 400
Welfare Fund Rs. 650
Development Fund Rs. 500
Common Room Charges Rs. 500
Miscellaneous Rs. 800
Computer Lab Charges Rs. 500
Total Charges Rs. 34,350


Room Rent Detail


Room Rent  
Four Seater Rs. 3600
Caution Money for Room Rent Rs. 1000
Total Rs. 4600





  1. No visitors shall be accommodated in the hostel under any circumstances.

  2. Monthly Hostel dues have to be submitted by the 10th of every month.

  3. Any damage to the hostel property shall be the responsibility of the boarder.

  4. No boarder shall be allowed to poses precious item and excessive money in the hostel. The hostel administration shall not be responsible of any lose or damage in this regards.

  5. Weapons and drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited in the hostel. Such possession shall lead to immediate expulsion.

  6. The hostel gate shall be closed at 10:00pm daily with the exception of Saturday and no boarder shall be allowed to enter or leave the hostel after that time.

  7. Any activity resulting in upsetting the hostel discipline shall be dealt with strictly.

  8. Musical instruments of any kind are prohibited in the hostel and they shall be confiscated if found and shall not be returned.

  9. Boarders shall not behave rudely or in an impolite manner with the hostel servants or any member of the hostel administration.

  10. Political, Religious Ethic, and Student Grouping and following in is not allowed in the hostel.

  11. In case of more then two holidays in the university, the hostel shall also remain closed and no boarder shall allowed to stay.

  12. Failing to following hygienic condition and cleanliness shall need to fine or explosion for the hostel.

  13. In case of damages to Hostel Property, Hostel Security shall not be refunded and the boarder responsible shall be expelled.


To Access Full Text of Rules & Regulations details; Please click here.




Hostel Superintendents Contacts



New Hostel

Mr. Khadim Ali Khan


(for undergraduate and postgraduate students only)


Tel: + 92 (42) 99210679


Quaid-i-Azam Hostel

Mr. Abdul Waheed



Tel: + 92 (42) 99213370


Iqbal  Hostel

Dr. Khalid Mahmood Sanjarani



Tel: + 92 (42) 99213369


Girls Hostel

Mrs. Rubina Murtaza,


Church Road, Near Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore


Tel: + 92 (42) 99210592


GCU Faculty Mess

Adjacent Quaid-i-Hostel, GCU Lahore.

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim


+92 (42) 111-000-010 Ext: 285

Mr. Abdul Waheed


+92 (42) 111-000-010 Ext: 254, 460

GCU Faculty Mess


Tel: +92 (42) 37241829, +92 (42) 99213370

UAN: 111-000-010 Ext. 254 (During Office Hours)


Iqbal Hostel GC Unversity, Lahore

Iqbal Hostel


Quaid-e-Azam Hostel


New Hostel


Girls Hostel


GCU Faculty Mess



Accommodation (for FA/FSc students)
Accommodation (for Postgraduate students)
GCU Faculty Mess
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