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University Fee/Funds & Financial Assistance




University Dues

  1. Immediately after the admission, student will be required to pay the dues as per University rules.

  2. Dues/fee must be paid as per dates notified by the Treasurer's office.

  3. Dues/fee once paid by the students including Foreigners and Overseas Pakistanis shall not be refunded.

  4. Dues/fee has to be deposited directly in the Bank through Bank Challan in cash only. Cheque, Draft, Pay Order, Traveller's Cheque, etc. are not acceptable.

  5. If a Challan is lost by a student, he will have to pay fine of Rs. 50/- for duplicate Challan Form.

  6. In case, student fails to pay his dues by the specified dates he will be fined as under:
    Sr. #



    1. Within 10 days from the date Rs. 500
    2. After 10 days from the due date Rs. 2000
    3. After 01 month from the due date Rs. 5000


  7. The students entitled to Tuition Fee Concession on the basis of Kinship (Real Brother/Sister studying in GCU, Lahore), submit their Fee Concession Form (available in the Fee Section of the Treasurer's Office or can be downloaded from http// complete in all respects to the Fee section within due date notified by the University.

  8. According to GC University Rules, the library and Hostel security is refundable within two years of the academic session after which the refund shall not be admissible. Refund shall only be admissible after all University dues have been paid.

  • Annual Dues of FA/FSc/I.Com for the year 2014 shall be charged according to the University Rules.

  • Annual Dues of FA/FSc/I.Com for the year 2014 (Foreign National Students) shall be charged according to the University Rules.

Group Year-1 (Rs.) Year-2 (Rs.)
Installment-I Installment-II Installment-III Installment-IV
Arts (Humanities) 25,000 17,000 18,500 17,000
Pre-Medical 30,800 20,000 21,500 20,000
Pre-Engineering 30,800 20,000 21,500 20,000
General Science 30,800 20,000 21,500 20,000
Computer Science 30,800 20,000 21,500 20,000
ICom 30,800 20,000 21,500 20,000



Financial Aid


  1. Liberal financial assistance is provided to the deserving students. In case, financial aid is needed, the applicant may obtain the financial aid form from University website or from the Scholarship Assistant in the Treasurer's Office and after filling it up in all respects, the same should be submitted to the Diary Section in the Treasurer's Office.

  2. Financial Aid will be granted only to the deserving students on the approval of the University Financial Aid Committee as per parameters adopted for the grant of financial aid and subject to availability of the funds and on the basis of good character, regular attendance and satisfactory performance in the academics. Fee concession can be withdrawn in case of false/wrong, incomplete information, immoral behavior, irregularity of unsatisfactory Performance. The fee concession can be cancelled if the students fails in the internal University/Board Examinations.




(Payment of dues)


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