Centre of Excellence China Studies (CECS)

Centre of Excellence China Studies

People's Republic of China has gained a strategic position in the changing global scenario. Pak-China friendship has been time-tested and has gained great strength over time. Under the leadership of the Chief Minister, the Punjab Government of late, has had intensive inter-action both with the Chinese Government as well as the Chinese private sector companies and organizations. This close interaction necessitates learning of Chinese Language by the Provincial Government Personnel, the businessmen of Punjab, the Youth and People at large.

In close coordination with the Higher Education Department, the Department of Political Science, GCU, Lahore has established a Centre of Excellence for China Studies, covering a wide range of subjects of interest and intensive research to increase awareness about Chinese Language, socio-cultural, economic, and political system; promote bilateral relations, and most importantly provide strategic guidance in pursuit of common objectives both regionally as well as internationally. The Chinese language component would serve the purpose of compliance of the Chief Minister’s directions. It would maintain a research database on Chinese studies and publish research journal and policy briefs exclusively dedicated to China.