Posted on 2021-05-04

Old Ravian donates for COVID-19 infected GCU employees

Eminent Old Ravian and businessman Mr Nasir Ali on Monday announced an amount of rupees twenty-five thousand for each staff member of Government College University Lahore who is infected by COVID-19 and require extensive treatment. A few days earlier, the Board of Management of GCU Benevolent Fund Employees had also unanimously approved the amount of Rs 50,000 for each employee infected with this virus.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Asghar Zaidi expressed gratitude to Mr Nasir Ali on behalf of the GCU employees for his generous donation. Prof. Zaidi said: “no university in the world can excel without the help of its alumni. They build and grow the institution’s brand in the market by word of mouth, work ethics, and social services. We are fortunate to have an alumni network that has a strong sense of association with their alma mater. They always prioritize the welfare of the University, especially in difficult times.”

He went to say “This is a very generous offer from Nasir Ali. I wish to express my sincere thanks on behalf of the GCU employees at this time of need especially for the low income staff.”

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