Centre for Special Students (CSS)

The year 2008 brings great news for visually challenged students in Pakistan as Government College University (GCU) establishes a Centre for Special Students (CSS). This is the first-ever, such center at the college or university level established in Pakistan which aims at assisting visually challenged students in order to eliminate their educational barriers. The number of visually impaired/ disabled students registered at present from first-year to Ph.D. is about 270.

The credit for this Centre goes to Prof. Dr. Khalid Aftab, the Vice-Chancellor of GCU who is the visionary behind this project. He took a personal interest in initiating, planning and arranging the funds for this Centre. In opening this Centre not only has he facilitated the blind students in their learning, but he has also provided them with an equal opportunity to become useful citizens in the society.

The Centre for Special Students (CSS) is working under Vice Chancellor’s Office for administrative affairs.