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The Advisor Students’ Affairs looks after the welfare of the students in every respect of their stay in the University. The Office of Students' Affairs establishes a liaison between the University administration and the students. It facilitates the students in addressing their problems pertaining to academics, co-curricular activities, sports, libraries, examination, transportation, health, fees, career planning and discipline as well as issues related to human rights, integrity, equity, diversity and inclusion. The Students are encouraged to visit the office of the Advisor and they can also visit the GCU web site for detailed information or they can email at:

The Advisor Students' Affairs is in-charge of the Seniors' Club and is responsible to constitute the Club at the commencement of every academic session and run it amicably throughout the year. Outstanding students in academics, sports and co-curricular activities are entitled to apply for the membership of this prestigious Club. Fifteen best students are selected each year to join the Club. The Club meets regularly on a weekly basis to deliberate on the students’ problems regarding any aspect of their University life including issues related to human rights, integrity, equity, diversity and inclusion. Proposals are drafted for the resolution of these problems, which are subsequently presented to the Vice Chancellor in the Club’s monthly meetings with him. The members of the Club hold candid discussions with the Vice Chancellor and find out solutions to their problems in a prompt and effective manner. The Club also holds meetings with the other officers of the University and attempts to address the students’ problems.

The Advisor Students' Affairs acts as Secretary Discipline Committee and all the complaints against students regarding violation of university rules and regulations are referred to the Discipline Committee for review. The Secretary summons the accused student and his/her parents to appear before the Committee and clarify their position. The Committee consists of four senior faculty members which looks into the complaint and recommend appropriate punishment or acquittal. The Committee has the authority to recommended fine, suspension, expulsion or compulsory migration from the University.

Students are encouraged to report their problems regarding University affairs at the office of Students’ Affairs. The office strives to help the students resolve their problems through the concerned quarters. The students can visit the office in person or send a written complaint through e-mail or ordinary mail.

Despite rising costs of the Higher Education all over the world, GC University Lahore has kept its academic charges at the minimum possible. We provide quality education at an affordable price. The University has a humane approach towards all of its students. We offer a generous financial aid programme. In the current fiscal year, the GCU has allocated Rs. 14.5 million in this context which would certainly help those needy and deserving students in making their career path.

Visiting Hours
Monday-Saturday 11.00am - 1.00pm
Friday 10.00am - 12.00 noon

The Student Advisor's Office is located in the Student Service Centre adjacent to Undergraduate Cafeteria.

Meet the Team
Mr. M. Siddique Ahmad Awan
Assistant Professor (English)
Advisor Students' Affairs,
Mr. Junaid Ahmad
Lecturer (Economics)
Ms. Ammara Batool
Lecturer (English)