Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)


Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), GCU, Lahore is an outstanding preference for academic staff, postgraduate researchers, and potential industrial partners to commission our research expertise or to collaborate with us on a research venture. We are keen to continue nurturing research staff and broadening the scope of research, teaching and learning for staff and students. Our focus is on fostering innovative solutions to real problems of industry for an optimum and maximized societal impact and hence advancing knowledge in a relevant and meaningful manner. We are continuously evolving in terms of our support and relevance for organizations, employees, researchers and students to turn their innovative ideas into successful projects and thriving businesses. At ORIC, we hunt for opportunities, put up partnerships, and add appeal at every cycle of stage. As curator of the university's externally and internally funded research portfolio, ORIC is conscientious for ensuring that all research proposals and projects adhere to GCU's intellectual and research policies.

The Syndicate GC University, Lahore in its 35th meeting held on November 22, 2011 entrusted the Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) with the following functions and duties:

  • Working with colleagues across the University to identify funding opportunities and bring together interdisciplinary groups of researchers with common interests; dissemination of funding information and training.
  • Formulating GCU policy strategies for research and innovation and functions as a facilitator for any potential patentable intellectual property.
  • Coordinating and supporting national and regional research and innovation programmes.
  • Improving quality of GCU research journals publications.
  • Creating uniformity, transparency and internal efficiency in prioritizing, planning, implementing and monitoring research projects at GCU.
  • Developing procedures for approval, control and monitoring of research projects.
  • Encouraging academic staff and researchers to promote research activities within the University.
  • Identifying and locating research funds and providing assistance to academic staff for preparing and sending research proposals to national and international funding agencies.
  • Coordinating MS/ MPhil/ PhD research programmes.
  • Increasing and diversifying external research funding.
  • Improving and ensuring quality of research produced by faculty, researchers and students of GC University, Lahore, etc.
  • Coordinating advisory services of the University for the benefit of the Government Departments and Industries.
  • Commercialization of research products.
  • Arranging evaluation of research publications of faculty members and publishing of research journal's of the University.
  • Providing recommendations and suggestions to Advanced Studies and Research Board (ASRB) on regular basis and acting as Secretariat of Advanced Studies and Research Board.
  • Stipulation of advice on costing and submission of grant applications and University authorization for submission.
  • Responsibility for negotiating contract terms with funders and collaboration agreements with other HEIs and public sector collaborators.
  • To provide innovation ecosystem needs a ready supply of key building blocks including a strong academic system, commercial skills, markets, money and so on.

We uphold and endorse life-changing prospects for people from diverse backgrounds at our varsity. We aspire to craft a future in which anyone with the passion and potential to succeed.