Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)


  • To secure long-term, sustainable investment in GCU research activities.
  • To ensure that the policy and governance is conducive for responsible research within GCU.
  • To help enhance the quality and research reputation of GCU.
  • To disseminate benefits of GCU based research to the economy, society and people's everyday lives.
  • To equip researchers with the leadership skills, knowledge and attitudes incumbent to win large-scale strategic funding.
  • To help GCU's researchers to apprehend the funding landscape and to provide them with support that enable them to secure research funding.
  • To inculcate and flourish the best possible multi-disciplinary evaluation matrix and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial fervor.
  • To foster an enabling environment this is learning centric and generates a greater risk tolerance for self- driven commercialization culture.
  • To encourage researchers in the varsity to think big and different through harnessing engaged collective energy.
  • We are creating a social innovation factory based on bottom up innovation.

We believe in supporting research and innovation activities that are conducted through a permanent liaison between all actors including education community, business and industry, research community, policy makers and civil society organizations.

We exert to drive innovation and maximize the impact of our research investments to develop new directions through engagement. We support innovation through an assortment of actions including training of skilled people through collaborative research trainings and Business Incubation Centre (BIC) is supporting societal impact themes and made a commercial success.


Diverse & Inclusive: To produce outcomes that aligns with the values and expectations of society. Input and feedback from diversity of communities is incorporated in research, from its beginnings to its commercialization.

Anticipative & Insightful: Our focus is to consider not just the immediate impacts but we look ahead and reflect on the kind of future we are trying to build.

Open & Transparent: At ORIC we are committed to promote a knowledge based society. Our process of research and innovation is transparent and open to all actors. We believe in informed decisions that lead to empowerment.

Receptiveness: We are open to adapt as a result of valuable responses, emerging needs and cutting- edge research and innovation.

III. Technology & Innovation Service Center (TISC)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) launched project entitled "Technology & Innovation Service Centers (TISCs)" in 2009 to help innovators in developing countries. TISC at GCU is lending a hand to individual innovators, researchers and start-ups within the varsity.

We provide faculty, researchers, and innovators an access to premium technology information and provide guidance related to protection of Intellectual Property (IP) rights.


ORIC delivers the University's technology dispensing support in collaboration with academic staff, business incubation team and senior management team of the university. ORIC toil closely with different departments within GCU and outside to select high value opportunities and execute well thought and validated exploitation plans. Start Ups generally have two options in the realm of commercialization innovations. They either contend with incumbents or they may collaborate with established businesses. We at ORIC is extending our support to every entrepreneur to formulate a commercialization strategy for the successful launch and adoption of an invention that encompasses assistance in regulatory & reimbursement strategy and structuring of an exit plan.

ORIC's Inventiveness to promote Research & Innovation

  • Funding, infrastructure and assessment to support cutting- edge research.
  • Funded PhD research projects.
  • Promotion of technology based businesses through business formation.
  • Youth Entrepreneurial Society to unleash the entrepreneurial energy of GCU's faculty and students.
  • Faculty Travel Grants to encourage research related international/ national travel by full-time GCU's Faculty.
  • Incentives for responsible and quality research output.
  • Industrial support to our indigenous research projects.
  • Annual business idea competitions.
  • Potential Start-ups and seed funding.
  • Entrepreneurial Launch- Pad and Boot-camps.
  • Public engagement with research.
  • To remain cognizant to budding ideas, ORIC encourages partnerships with other organizations to broaden the scope and impact of knowledge sharing cycle.