Financial Aid / Scholarships

Financial Aid

For smooth execution of scholarship programs, a separate Student Financial Aid Office (SFAO) was established in GC University Lahore in collaboration with HEC in 2005. Initially Rs. 409,000/- were provided by HEC for the establishment and operational cost of SFAO for the period of one year only. In the financial year 2012-2013, the HEC allocated Rs. 5.0 million for the strengthening of Finacial Aid Office. In this regard, SFAO was shifted to its new separate premises in basement of Student Service Centre.

The SFAO is being supervised by the Additional Registrar Babar Ali Khan E-mail:, also acts as a Focal Person for the distribution of various scholarships offered by HEC and other agencies.

There are number of scholarships available to assist students with their educational expenses on need and merit basis. In addition to the above Financial Aid Committee has been constituted by this University for the evaluation and approval of the applications submitted by the students for financial aid.

One window service is also being provided to the students to avail the scholarship facilities in the Treasurer's office.

GCU Financial Aid

In view of the rising cost of the Higher Education, GCU Lahore has kept its academic charges at the minimum possible scale. The University has a human approach towards all of its students and offers a generous financial aid programme.

GCU provides financial aid to the needy and deserving students from its own resources to approximately 1500-1600 students annually subject to the provision in the Budget.

Rupees 11.0 Million is being allocated in the budget for the Financial Aid which usually exceeds than the allocated amount e.g. in the financial year (2009-10) the Financial Aid of Rs.11.666 Million was provided to the needy students.

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For any other information about Scholarships and Financial Aid please contact:
Babar Ali Khan
Additional Registrar/Focal Person
UAN: 111 000 010/Ext 208.
Abdul Malik
Assistant Treasurer
UAN: 111-000-010 Ext. 413. Ph: 99213367