Category Title Department Published Date Tender
TenderRenovation and Up-Gradation of Stephenson Natural History Museum, Up-Gradation of GYM, Solarization of Science Block at GC University LahoreNONEFebruary 13, 2023 Download
TenderLandscaping and Afforestation, Solarization of Building of GCU New CampusNONEFebruary 13, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Sports Equipment, Electronics Item and Furniture Items for Up-Gradation of GYMNONEFebruary 13, 2023 Download
TenderSolarization of 100KW on Grids System for Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences at GC University LahoreASSMS (MATHEMATICS)February 15, 2023 Download
TenderM & R works to Computer Science Department at GCU LahoreEngineering CellFebruary 17, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Lab Equipment for Sustainable Development Study Centre (SDSC) and Apparatus & Lab Material for Department of ElectronicsDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEFebruary 21, 2023 Download
AuctionPost Graduate Cafeteria, Open Cafe at Post Graduate BlockDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEFebruary 27, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Tyres & Tubes for VehiclesDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 01, 2023 Download
TenderCore Switch, 20-KVA UPS System for Data Center, Generator 30-KVA, Servers, Firewall and Miscellaneous ItemsDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 07, 2023 Download
TenderM & R works to Telephone Exchange at GC University LahoreEngineering CellMarch 07, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Chemicals, Apparatus & Laboratory Material and Instruments/Equipment/Parts & AccessoriesDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 14, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Chemicals and Apparatus & Lab MaterialDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 14, 2023 Download
TenderPrinting Examination MaterialDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 16, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of Laptop, Multimedia Projectors with screen, White Glass Board and Air ConditionersNONEMarch 20, 2023 Download
TenderPurchase of ICT Equipment (Smart & Electronic Devices), Laptop and New Specimens & Color PrinterDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 21, 2023 Download
Pre-Qualificationto establish a new Diagnostic and Research Lab to be operated on commercial basis and to upgrade the existing Institute of Industrial Biotechnology (IIB) at GCU LahoreDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 24, 2023 Download
TenderEquipments / Instruments (IIB), Miscellanous Items / Glassware / Plastic Ware (IIB), Chemicals / Reagents (IIB), Chemicals and Glassware (Physics), Apparatus / Equipment (Physics), Apparatus / LaborDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 30, 2023 Download
TenderUpgradation/Renovation of Model Class Rooms at GCU LahoreDIRECTORATE OF PURCHASEMarch 31, 2023 Download