Posted on 2023-01-21

GCU Finance body okays funds to improve Student Services

The Finance and Planning Committee of GC University Lahore has recommended to the Syndicate a record budget allocation of around Rs. 500 million from the own resources of the University to improve student services on its two campuses. This will enhance the overall educational and research experience of the students.
The meeting was chaired by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi, with the presence of key members of the University, including the Treasurer, Pro-VC, Dean, Registrar and nominees of the Syndicate, Secretary Higher Education and Secretary Finance. Agenda was presented by GCU Treasurer Abid Shahzad.
In a press statement issued here on Sunday, Vice-Chancellor said that Government College Lahore, one of the oldest seats of higher learning, was granted the status of University in 2002, and there could no better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of becoming a leading university of the country than to invest in improving its student services.
One of the many key projects recommended to improve the classroom experience is the establishment of 100 model classrooms and 30 graduate rooms with the latest technology and resources including smart boards, projectors, speedy internet, furniture and other facilities. The graduate rooms will provide a space for postgraduate students and faculty to engage in meaningful discussions and collaborations, which will help to enhance their research and innovation.
GCU Vice Chancellor Prof. Zaidi told the media that the University is also investing in upgrading its IT infrastructure, with a budget of Rs. 150 million. “This is a much-needed investment, as no investment has been made in this area since 2013,” he added. 
The Finance body recommended a budget of Rs. 119 million for automating of different functions of the University through a comprehensive Campus Management System (CMS), which will be developed and deployed in the next one and a half years.
The University has planned upgrading its gym with a budget of Rs. 36 million to provide both male and female players with access to the latest exercise equipment and facilities to improve their physical fitness and well-being.
A central life sciences laboratory will also be set up on campus to improve access for all students to the latest science equipment and multidisciplinary projects. This will provide students with opportunities to engage in hands-on learning and research, and will help to prepare them for careers in science and technology.
Prof. Zaidi said the University has also decided to renovate its 100-year-old Natural History Museum, which is one of its kind in Pakistan. The museum currently possesses around 6000 specimens. It has a unique collection of specimens, including a collection of butterflies, and is of particular interest to scientists studying taxonomy, ecology, and evolution. The museum also features a separate section for invertebrates and fossils collected from Pakistan.
The Vice-Chancellor said this renovation would help to preserve the history and heritage, and would provide students and visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the natural world.
Prof. Zaidi said that these recommendations would be placed before the University’s syndicate for the approval. However, he said "the University administration is thrilled to have been able to allocate such a significant budget towards improving student services on our campuses. We believe that these projects will have a major impact on the educational and research experience for our students, and we are committed to ensuring that GC University Lahore continues to be a leader in higher education in Pakistan."
The finance body also approved statutes of different departments of the University including the Quality Enhancement Cell, Directorate of Planning and Development, Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization, Directorate of Sports, Directorate of Purchase, Security Office and Directorate of Information Technology.

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