Posted on 2023-03-03

Art Gala fights drug abuse at GCU

The Anti-Narcotics Society of GC University Lahore organized the Inter-University Thespian Art Gala to raise awareness about the grave consequences of drug abuse on youth. The gala featured a series of powerful performances by talented student artists from different universities, who skillfully portrayed the devastating effects of drug addiction on the lives of individuals and their families.
The plays showcased by students from the University of Management Technology, Lahore Garrison University, University of Lahore, and Lahore College for Women University depicted the stories of young men and women who, under different social pressures, succumbed to the temptation of using drugs and lost everything in their lives, including their careers, relationships, and self-respect.
Speaking on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor emphasized the importance of educating young people about the dangers of drug abuse and the need to take proactive measures to create a drug-free environment on campuses. He referred to his emphasis on sports at GCU to help students focus on healthy activities. He praised the event hosted by the Anti-Narcotics Society as an excellent example of how art and culture can be harnessed to promote social causes and engage young people in meaningful dialogue.
The Force Commander of RD ANF Lahore, Brig. Rashid Minhas, highlighted the crucial role universities play in shaping society's future and protecting its citizens' well-being. He encouraged all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and community leaders, to work together to create a safe and healthy environment for the youth.
Actor Rashid Mehmood endorsed the Vice Chancellor's remarks about the power of theatre and the arts in promoting social awareness and inspiring positive change. He commended the students and artists for their outstanding performances, which he believed would leave a lasting impression on the audience and inspire them to take action.

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