Posted on 2023-03-13

GCU to integrate ChatGPT into teaching methods

The Government College University (GCU) Lahore plans to integrate ChatGPT, a powerful language model developed by OpenAI, into its teaching methods to enhance the quality and effectiveness of education. In an open letter to faculty members, the GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, encouraged faculty to explore the various applications of ChatGPT, which can understand and respond to human language through state-of-the-art natural language processing. The Vice Chancellor told the faculty that ChatGPT could assist teaching in several ways. “As a tutor, it can provide answers to students’ questions about a particular topic. As a writing assistant, it can offer students suggestions on improving their writing assignments. As a discussion partner, it can facilitate discussions on topics related to the course,” he said. Prof Zaidi believes that ChatGPT can improve students’ overall academic performance by enhancing their critical thinking skills and engagement with course material.
The Vice Chancellor encouraged faculty members to integrate ChatGPT into their teaching methods, stating that the incorporation of innovative tools and platforms such as ChatGPT could revolutionize how teachers and students learn and teach, leading to better learning outcomes for students. Prof. Zaidi also emphasised that rather than fearing artificial intelligence (AI), we should focus on effectively utilising its capabilities to enhance human capabilities and reap the potential benefits of AI in various industries.

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