Posted on 2023-08-24

`Yadgar-i Shuhada` Memorial at GCU to honor martyrs

The GC University Lahore has announced the establishment of the "Yadgar-i Shuhada," a memorial aimed at commemorating the sacrifices made by eminent alumni such as Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed NH SJ, and other former students who laid down their lives for the defense of Pakistan.
This initiative, driven by profound love and devotion to the country, has received strong support from the university's Vice-Chancellor, faculty, alumni, and students.
Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi stated that the memorial intends to serve as a tribute to those who selflessly protected the nation's interests. The names of these esteemed individuals, who made enduring sacrifices in the service of Pakistan, will be inscribed on the memorial.
The Vice-Chancellor expressed that the establishment of "Yadgar-i Shuhada" holds a twofold purpose: to honor the memory of these martyrs and to educate current students about the substantial sacrifices made by preceding generations for the nation's sake.
"By instilling an awareness of the sacrifices of the past, the initiative aims to cultivate a deeper sense of patriotism and responsibility among today's students," he said. Prof. Zaidi believed that the memorial will stand as a symbol of respect for those who fought valiantly and upheld the values of courage and selflessness, setting an example for future generations.
"Through this act of remembrance, GC University Lahore seeks to reinforce the importance of acknowledging and valuing the sacrifices made by those who came before in the ongoing pursuit of a prosperous and secure Pakistan," the Vice-Chancellor said.

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