Posted on 2023-10-17

An event titled Salam Muhafiz Pakistan was held at GCU

An event titled Salam Muhafiz Pakistan was held on Tuesday at the Bukhari Auditorium, in memory of renowned scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. The event, organized by the Youth Development Centre at Government College Lahore, aimed to honor Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's tremendous contributions to Pakistan's nuclear energy program.
The esteemed guest of honor, Dr Dina Khan, daughter of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, attended the event and expressed her gratitude for the enthusiasm shown by the students. She emphasized the importance of education and the students' roles in fulfilling her father's dream of a prosperous Pakistan. Dr Dina Khan also highlighted her father's values of ethics, morality, and respect for all.
Moreover, The Vice Chancellor of Government College Lahore, Prof Dr Asghar Zaidi, praised Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's unwavering patriotism and said that Dr. Qadeer’s dedicated efforts have had a significant impact on Pakistan's power dynamics with other nations. Despite facing global opposition, he and his team worked tirelessly for the cause of Pakistan. His scientific research and remarkable contributions have truly contributed to the survival and progress of Pakistan. Students must aspire to emulate, the excellence Dr Qadeer Khan has displayed, in their respective fields.
Various esteemed speakers shed light on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's extraordinary achievements. Dr Muhammad Aslam Malik, Chief Scientist at Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Laboratory, urged the students to prioritize their country when considering their future endeavors, emphasizing the importance of nuclear energy for Pakistan's survival. Ahmad Shamim, Deputy Chief Engineer in the Quality Assurance division, applauded Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's pivotal role in advancing missile technology and the indigenous development of advanced materials and vacuum technology in Pakistan.
Sheikh Tahir Anjum, Chairman of Almustafa Business Forum, expressed immense appreciation for Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's contributions, stating that no amount of accolades could truly encompass his merits. Furthermore, Prof Dr Shahzad Ahmad Bhatti from PIAS colleges highlighted Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan's practical solutions for the nation's financial and political obstacles, emphasizing that he served as an exemplary figure for aspiring scientists.
The event concluded with the Vice Chancellor presenting souvenirs to the esteemed guests, symbolizing the gratitude and appreciation of the organizers and attendees.

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