The Department of Botany is one of the oldest departments of GC University Lahore, imparting instructions at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level since 1912. Among the prominent scholars, Prof. Shiv Ram Kashyap, Professors of stature, Prof. S.L. Ghose, Prof. A.C. Joshi, lead this Department. After the Independence of the Subcontinent, Dr. A.A. Qureshi, Dr. Sultan Ahmed, a Mycologist and Taxonomist of international repute, Prof. A.R. Zafar, Prof. A.H. Zafar, Prof. Jawad A. Khan, Prof. Masud-ul-Hasan, Dr. R.A. Mirza and Prof. A. U. Khan promoted the culture of research and development.

The Department of Botany is recognized as a leading provider of quality education supported by relevant experience of staff and the dissemination of leading edge research. Staff members are committed to provide ample opportunities for students to develop those skills that are keenly sought by employers.

The famous saying that "All Flesh is Grass" reflects its significance of Botany in the biosphere. It began with tribal lore, to identify edible, medicinal and poisonous plants for a number of reasons; they generate oxygen and provide food, fibres, fuel and medicine for life forms to exist on earth. An understanding of Botany can help to:

  • Become a researcher or teacher in a research and/or academic institution.
  • Understand fundamentals of life processes in living organisms to produce more food and fibre for population using healthier and better hybrid seeds of crops harvested through plant breeding and genetics.
  • Depict environmental changes through the use of plants as bioindicators and protect plants and endangered plant species through biodiversity conservation techniques.
  • Provide link between academia and industry.
  • Manage sustainable agriculture, forestry and horticulture with efficacy.